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Follow these instructions for registration to become an "active employee"

You will need a User ID and PIN before moving forward. If you have not registered to become a PCMI employee, go to the Application page and complete the appropriate employment packet and submit for review. Once you have completed the new hire process and have been approved for school employment you will  receive your User ID and PIN, log in to After you log in you can view important information pertaining to the Willsub system, used to manage your jobs, by going to the "How To" section under the "Information" tab and clicking the link "click here to download a complete 'How To' packet".

When you log on the first time, you will need to set up your profile.  

1.  Please go to the "Information" tab and select "My Information."

2.   You will need to verify that your address, phone number, and tax information are correct. Click the "Update" button to save your settings.

3.  You will need to set up your calling time and work preferences under the "My Preferences" section.  Click the "Update" button to save your settings.

4.  Lastly, you will need to set up your school building preferences under "School Preferences."  Click each individual building that you would like to work at and select "Yes" under the appropriate category and rank the building according to your preference.  Make sure you click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page to save your profile.  This will complete your set up for your Willsub profile.


As a reminder, "APPROVAL" status is pending until PCMI has received all of the necessary documents including an affidavit for assignment, official transcripts or a valid teaching certificate (for substitute teachers) as well as completion of required GCN online training modules. You can view your approval status on the "Information Tab".

A substitute teacher that does not possess a valid teaching certificate will be required to have a substitute permit. This is an annual requirement set by the State of Michigan and an invoice will be provided to you, by the State.

Weather: There are times when it is necessary for schools to close or initiate delays, due to weather, power outages, etc. If you have accepted a substitute assignment it is your responsibility to monitor school closings. PCMI/Willsub calling system will not contact you if school is delayed or closed. There are several methods to monitor school closings such as; local TV stations, internet and radio.

Employment: The individual schools and/or ISDs are not your employer. PCMI is your employer and therefore any request for employment verification, wage information, etc. should be directed to: PCMI Corporate Office, attention: Human Resources, 140 Kent Street, P.O. Box 516, Portland, MI 48875.  Please note, all requests of this nature must be in writing.

Payroll:  Is processed through PCMI and therefore any payroll related questions should be directed only to PCMI and not the individual school districts. (Please refer to the new policy in effect as it relates to paper paychecks by visiting our website.)

Expectations:  PCMI expects substitutes to portray the highest level of professionalism and dress codes are expected to be followed at all times. Most schools observe a "business casual" dress code however, more specific information can be obtained by requesting a copy of the district guidelines for the school location(s) or by visiting their website. Each school district has specific guidelines and policies that are expected to be followed. In addition to dress codes, information such as emergency procedures, etc. are discussed. It is your responsibility to request a copy and become familiar with these guidelines for the districts you work in. Additionally, start times entered into the system for each job indicate the time the classroom or job begins. Therefore, please plan to arrive prior to the start time of the job
so you have adequate time to prepare. We recommend fifteen minutes before the start time.

Job cancellations: Do occur from time to time for a variety of reasons such as illness, unexpected emergencies, etc. However, it is the substitute's responsibility to immediately call Willsub at 800 319-4278 AND notify the building contact in which you were supposed to work at of any job cancellation that occurs outside the normal guidelines. Please note: you will not be allowed to accept another job in the system, for the same day in which you have cancelled an assigned job.

All employees are required to review the PCMI Employee Handbook which can be found on our website. (Click on "E-Forms/Packets" and click on the letter of the name of the school district you will be assigned to, click on the school district name, and click on "Employee Handbook".)

Questions regarding any of the above items or your role as a substitute employee with PCMI, should be directed to our office.

We look forward to working with you,

PCMI Staff and Willsub



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